Account types description

Without registration

AVCaesar offers the possibility to analyse suspicious files and search for malware samples for free and without registration.
Functionalities without registration:

Standard account (for free, registration required)

To use extended functionalities of AVCaesar, registration is required. Registration can be done by filling out the registration form. After successful validation, the AVCaesar team will create a new user account and provide you the needed access credentials. The AVCaesar team reserves the right to choose whether to provide an account or not.
Functionalities of standard account:

Premium account (fee-paying)

The premium account includes a fee to pay and will be provided on dedicated requests. To request a premium account and get additional information on the price, please contact us via
Functionalities of premium account:

Without registration Standard account Premium account
Perform sample analysis
Search for malware sample in sample database
Download up to 15 malware samples/day
Download up to 100 malware samples/day
Option to perform confidential analysis